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You bought so many things and you can not take it because you do not have more space in your suitcase, pass the limited weight imposed by the airlines. . . or is it simply too expensive to pay the overweight? . . . . . no problem !!  store it  with us - just for $ 5 a month while you decide what to do with your things. We have a secure storage  area, with air conditioning, 24 hours cameras 365 days a year. 

Instructions: Step #1-If you already made the purchase and wait for the arrival of your package, fill out the format below.

Step #2-If you have not already made your purchase, please fill in the format in "CONTACT"  to get precise instructions where to send your packages to store it.


Compraste tantas cosas y no puedes llevartelo porque no tienes mas espacios en tu maleta. . . .  pasaste el limited de kilos / libras ? . . . o simplemente es muy costoso pagar el sobre peso ? . . . . . no hay problema !!  store it con nosotros - solo por $5 mensuales mientras decide que hacer con tus cosas. Tenemos un area de almacenamiento seguro ,con aire acondicionado, camaras 24hs los 365 dias del año .  

Instrucciones : Paso #1- Si usted ya hizo la compra y espera la llegada de su paquete , llene el formato abajo .

Paso #2- Si usted aun no ha hecho su compra , por favor llene el formato en "CONTACT" para que obtenga instrucciones precisas donde enviar sus paquetes para almacenarlos.

store it

HOW IT WORK ? If you coming to USA or already got here:

Place your order with Amazon, ebay or other vendor.

Use our mailing address instead of your.

Send to us the tracking number and expected delivery day.

As soon as we received your package(s) we will send to you a notification .

$5.00 a month for up to 3 packages less than 24"x 18" x 15" and $1.00 for additional pkgs. $10.00 a month for any oversize pkgs.
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